About Justin

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my website! I am a Studio Engineer/Producer in Tampa Bay. I specialize in Mixing, Mastering and Producing Hip hop, R&B and Electronic/EDM. I’m very passionate when it comes to crafting and mixing music to a broadcast standard. I consider myself fortunate that I’ve been able to assist so many talented creative artist.

I have been a studio engineer and producer for the last 15 years. I attended Fullsail University in 2005 and shortly after had the privilege to work at 2 major studios in Florida. During my journey at KDS studios and Big 3 studios I was able to work with many talented major and independent artist. Currently I have a studio space in Clearwater, this is my main hub for most of my creative projects!

I use Protools as my main DAW for all my projects. I’ve been using P.T. for all my sessions since I started! I also have some nice analog hardware that I incorporate along with all my favorite plugins. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have!

Feel free to reach out for any questions and more info! contact Justin.

Justin Colen Neumann mic