Dabron Kain’s latest EP KXNG KAIN

Dabron and Justin over the span of a few months worked on some new tracks for KXNG Kain. Justin had a hand in all the engineering and produced Walls, Let me know and Bet on myself. All songs were created at Justin Colen Productions in Tampa. You can check out some of the material down below!

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ONLYONETWO – South Side Baby Mixed and Mastered by Justin Colen

Here is a new released video by Onlyonetwo of the song “South Side Baby”. Mixed and Mastered by Justin Colen. Two delivers some clever and vivid bars with a unique flow while Mike Weezy produced the banging instrumental. Check it out down below!

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ybrid digital and analog setup with Protools

You could be the 1 mixed by Justin Colen

You could be the 1 mixed and mastered by Justin Colen was just recently was released on all platforms by Saint Rene and 2SC. The song has a 90’s R&B dance feel to it.

“You could be the 1” is featured on the series “The Game.”

You could be the 1 mixed and mastered by Justin Colen

The song was created in Clearwater and Tampa at Justin Colen Productions. Justin was the recording, mixing and mastering engineer on this track.

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“Finding Our Peace” by Joshua Cruz

Here’s the video for Finding Our Peace. The song was created in Clearwater at Justin Colen Productions. Joshua Cruz took his film crew to the California dessert to get some amazing footage! Finding Our Peace is part of the EP “Never A Loss, Always A Lesson.” Justin Colen had the opportunity to produce, record, mix and master the whole EP.

You can check the video out down below!

Also you can check out the whole EP here:

Here’s a picture of Justin Colen (on left) Joshua Cruz(on the right). At Justin Colen Productions.

You can follow Josh at https://instagram.com/joshcruzsound