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We strive to provide Artists, Musicians, Bands, Companies, Producers, VO artists, Podcasters etc. with a creative and comfortable atmosphere along with top quality audio production and music. Our Recording Studio is based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Justin Colen Productions Clearwater Recording Studio

Feel free to call or text for more info and questions 727-424-3701

About Justin

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Justin Colen is a professional Studio Engineer and Producer. Starting piano at  a young age Justin developed an ear for music. Shortly after a friend introduced Justin to Music Production and the Korg Triton Keyboard. Justin started experimenting with different sounds, recording, composing and beat programming. Production and Audio quickly became a passion.

In 2004 Justin Colen decided to attend FullSail University in Winter Park, FL for Recording Arts. This gave Justin valuable knowledge with Engineering/Production techniques, Protools, SSL and Neve consoles and signal flow, outboard gear, studio management and professionalism.

Shortly after Justin landed an internship at KDS Studios(formally know as Transcon Studios) in Orlando, FL. Justin started doing sessions for clients like Grammy Award winning Producers Nasty Beatmakers, The Runners, Vada Nobles, Knobody, Joell Ortiz and Rockwilder, Justin was also able to help assist Dr. Dre and Eminem while they were in Orlando working at KDS Studios, on Relapse for a 6 week block.

Justin decided to move back to his home town and inquired a position at Big 3 Records In St. Petersburg, Florida. He started as an Assistant Engineer at Big 3 Records. As an Assistant he learned how to create a record from start to finish. Not long after, Justin became a full time Engineer at Big 3 Records where he began working with clients like Roc Nation, Ferras, Michael Lynch, Dan Orlando, Brillz, Anberlin, Polyenso and more…

Justin Colen now has his own home base studio “Justin Colen Productions” based out of Tampa Bay, Florida where he now does most of his Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Music Production. Justin is very passionate about collaborating and assisting artists in the direction they want for their music and projects. 

Justin Colen is available for Engineering, Production, Editing and Music Consultation.

Feel free to reach out for any questions and more info! contact Justin.

Justin Colen Neumann mic


Here’s a playlist of some song’s Justin has produced, worked on and/or engineered.


“The Game” Series On Paramount
“Saint Rene and 2SC”-
You could be the one
(Recording, Mixing and Mastering)
Netflix series “Insatiable”         Ahmari Lia Holiday Road        (Engineer, Mixing and Producer)
Polyenso- Pure In The Plastic


Various Artists
Full Court Press, Vol. 1


Anberlin-Vital Special Edition


Khalea Lynee self titled EP
Khalea Lynee self titled EP
Michael Lynche- Michael Lynche


Racheal Lampa-All We Need


Joshua Cruz- Black Is Classier


Dan Orlando


Pokeman voiceovers
Pokeman voiceovers


J-Schick- Never Looking Back


Jon Secada- Classicos


Fit For Rivals- Freak Machine




All 4 One


Brillz and Sarah Hudson


Dj Reflex- Roc Nation


Beggars At The Gate


BachmanTurner Overdrive: 40th Anniversary


Dreamville Records


Apple Shot On Iphone campaign


Contact Justin for any questions or services!